Transport Facilities

Unique Earth Play School has good transport facilities like vans etc to pickup and drop students from their home to school with female caretaker to properly take care of students in bus students are seating properly, comfortably or not.

High Security System

Unique Earth Group is properly equipped with High Security System  and CCTV Cameras for the security and safety of all students in school. Complete school premises recordings is done for the safety of students in school.

School Uniform

Unique Earth Play School has unique school uniform for little tinytods. School dress is comprised of Four major colors in which students can choose two different colors as their school uniform. Apron is also introduced for students during lunch time.

Mineral Water

Unique Earth Play School has excellent water facilities for students, proper healthy environment is provided for kids. R.O. water purifier is installed at school for students that they drink clean and safe water.

Dedicated Caretaker

There are always two female caretaker i.e. staff for students in every class in school that look after students and to help students to learn , play and make them sit comfortably in class.

HOT Food Services

At Unique Earth Play School, where Food will be served HOT by two female caretakers & will teach them Good Eating Habits make them  learn how to eat properly food.

Unique* Books Material

Unique Earth Play School have its own Unique Books Material as well as drawing materials for kids like colours, poem, books etc. Different Books like Cursive Writing books, Drawing Books, Poem & Story Books.

Advanced Teaching

Unique Earth Play School equipped with advance audio-video teaching equipment. To make Students learn visually based concepts, poems, alphabets, video lessons for counting.

Hygienic Atmosphere

Unique Earth Play School has great hygienic environment. Proper Vantilation Facility is there in school so that there is no humidity. Fully AC Hot & Cold as per seasons.

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