At Unique Earth Group we provide special Ambience that plays a key role in the development of a young talents to all-rounders. We keep the great environment at Unique Earth Group so enjoyable and colorful so that the children feel at home.

We use safe and hygienic, healthy environment and good atmosphere.

Unique Earth play School consists of full space that contain especially designed activity-rooms where kids enjoy, learn, listen, learn how to paint their imaginations, enhance their skills, bring creative ideas, where they learn to stretch their brain muscles, build mental strength in study room.

High Security System

Unique Earth Group is properly equipped with High Security System for the security of all students in school.

CCTV Surveillance

Unique Earth Group is under CCTV Surveillance for the security of all students in school.

Fire Protection System

Unique Earth Play School has Fire Protection System to prevent students from any hazard like fire etc.

Separate Washrooms

Unique Earth Play School has Separate Washrooms for both girls & boys for tinytods in school.

Basic Facilities

We mainly Focus on Cleanliness (Hygenic) Rooms, LCD based Interactive Training, Facilities like Air Conditioners in Summer and Room Heaters in Winters).

A Play School where Food will be served HOT by caretakers & will teach them Good Eating Habits, Celebrate Kids Birthdays / Every Festival. They touch, explore, feel, enjoy and learn it by doing it with the help of carefully selected toys, games, activities, teaching aids and equipment.

We have special rest rooms for kids to stay at school, enjoy with other classmates, sleep rest at school after school hours.

Advance Facilities

We have many salient features which are as follows:-

  • Dedicated and Qualified Mentors.
  • Ample Play Area.
  • Periodical tete-a-tete with parents.
  • Well Designed, decorated and equipped class rooms.
  • Personal care and attention of each and every children.
  • Pick and drop facility.
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